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LCCC students express their love for COVID-19 face masks

"This mask is my favorite because it has adjustable straps. This makes it more comfortable around my ears and face so I can breathe more easily." - Alyssa Sylvester, Student

"I love this mask for its floral print! Anything that helps me express myself is my go to, and I can't wait to see more seasonal designs as the holidays approach!" - Sydney McArdle, Student

"I like this mask because it is colorful and cheers me up." - Amber Kalnas, Student

"This is my go to mask because of how breathable the fabric is. I also love the shade of blue, the mermaid motifs, and how it sticks to my nose during my longer shifts at work." - Devin Strohl, Student/Editor

"I like this mask because it's very comfortable, and when you're outside on a cold night it keeps you warm as well." - Timmy Donohoe, Student

"This mask is my favorite because it fits me the most snug. Wearing a mask and glasses is tough -- everything fogs up, but I can tuck this mask under my glasses to prevent that. Plus, I think the tan color matches with everything and the flowers make it a little less plain and boring." - Makenzie Christman, Student/Editor

"This is my favorite mask because it’s festive. Plus, surgical masks are smelly and boring, cotton smells decent and it’s fun because it’s festive for Halloween." - Beth Brown, Student

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