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Coffee, chocolate and critters make an appearance at Lehigh Valley Zoo

Photo by Kayla Pasquariello

One of the handlers holding one of the Three-Banded Armadillos that everyone got to meet.

On February 8, the Lehigh Valley Zoo held a Coffee, Chocolates and Critters event. Three different samples of coffee and chocolate which were rainforest alliance certified from around the world were given out while the attendees got to meet some of the zoo’s local residents. The zoo workers had set up a small runway with tables that the attendees were sitting at where they let the animals out as each different coffee and chocolate was introduced.

The first animals that were introduced to the group was a pair of Three-banded Armadillos named Feliz and Tank as part of the pair up for coffee and chocolate from Central America. The pair came to the Lehigh Valley Zoo from another zoo which the attendees got to an opportunity to pet. They will remain at the zoo until they are needed at another location.

The second animal that was introduced was a Black and White Tegu, which is a large lizard, named Moray. They chose the name Moray because the way that they could see his teeth reminded them of a Moray Eel. Moray arrived at the Lehigh Valley Zoo after having been found wandering around the streets down in Florida. He was part of the pair up for the coffee and chocolate from South America.

For the finale, they brought in an African Grey Parrot who is named Douglas as part of the South Africa pair up. Douglas arrived at the zoo after having been in the care of an older couple for eighteen years. The couple unfortunately had to retire to a retirement home and they weren’t able to take Douglas with them so the zoo was able to work with them on bringing Douglas in as a permanent resident at the zoo. Douglas was able to perform various types of whistles and noises for the attendees.

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