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Barnes and Noble hosts book club

Photo by Kayla Pasquariello

Book club members gathered around to discuss ‘Dear Edward’ By Ann Napolitano.

On a windy February evening, a committed group of book lovers left their cozy homes to attend their monthly book club. Both new and old members met up to discuss the book of the month as well as drink coffee and snag some free samples that the café baristas passed around for customers to try. Even before the meeting officially started, the members talked amongst themselves about the latest books they’ve been reading outside of the club and whatever else is going on in their lives.

This happens each month at Barnes & Noble in the Lehigh Valley Mall at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month.

“It’s making me stretch myself as far as reading. It’s making me try different things and read books that I never would’ve read before,” Judi Doyle, a book club attendee, said.

The book club’s director selects a new book from a different genre every month. Once the book is chosen, an email is sent out to everyone on the mailing list detailing which book is the next pick. If someone is not on the mailing list, there are typically free bookmarks at the registers that indicate the book of the month as well as the time and date for the next meeting. From there, those who are interested in attending the book club meeting can either reserve a spot or they can show up in person that day.

For the more information on the next book club meeting, visit

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